Trump Dollar Commemorates Candidate’s 1,237 Delegates!

Trump Dollar

May 31, 2016 – TrumpDollar.US announced today that it is minting more gold and silver “2016 Trump Dollar” commemorative coins to celebrate Donald Trump’s 1,237 delegate votes to become the Republican Party candidate for the President of the United States.

The “2016 Trump Dollar” continues to be a strong rallying cry for the Trump campaign to attract the dissatisfied voters who are angry with the political class and politics-as-usual.  The silver-dollar-size coin has become the symbol for all Americans who distrust politicians with a portrait of Donald Trump and the words TRUMP THE GOVERNMENT on the obverse and urging voters to VOTE NON POLITICIAN on the reverse.

Trump DollarThe American people’s deep anger with politics-as-usual is echoed by Forbes magazine editor-in-chief Steve Forbes, himself a two-time presidential candidate, regarding the current political environment: “What it demonstrates is the intense, deep voter dissatisfaction with where the country is, and fears about the future… so people are looking for an outsider for a fresh perspective.”

More gold and silver commemorative Trump Dollars are being minted to celebrate the certainty that Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee to keep up with the overwhelming demand from coin collectors and the politically savvy public.

Vote Non Politician SilverThe “2016 Trump Dollar” – a clear call for freedom of speech and a sound monetary policy for world peace – was designed by Bernard von NotHaus, the famous monetary architect of the Liberty Dollar. The Brilliant Uncirculated commemorative one-ounce copper Trump Dollar is only $5, the one-ounce Trump Silver Dollar is $25 and a special Gold Proof Set is $2450.

Information and ordering is available at Trump Dollar, or call toll free: 855-456-6543 for customer service.

Five percent of all net sales will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations personnel.





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