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Tenth Anniversary and Expose’ of the BVNH/Liberty Dollar Trial


September 14, 2016
Tenth Anniversary and Expose’ of the BVNH/Liberty Dollar Trial

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!


1.         Tenth Anniversary of the US Mint war(ning) Against the Peaceful Liberty Dollar

2.         The Untold Story:  How the Liberty Dollar Case Was Legally Sabotaged

3.         Trump Dollar, World Peace, New Gold Standard & the Trickle Up Effect

4.         How Bad is Killary Clinton?

5.         Update on the Return of Your Seized Property

6.         Should Wal-Mart Run the Government?

7.         BVNH Blog and Facebook Pages

8.         Negative Feedback on the Trump Dollar

1.      Tenth Anniversary of the US Mint War(ning) Against the Peaceful Liberty Dollar

Ten years ago today – the US Government launched a war against the peaceful Liberty Dollar when the US Mint issued a warning that use of the Liberty Dollar – a private sound money based on gold and silver vs the government fiat crap – was illegal and lead to your property being wrongfully seized and the conviction of Bernard von NotHaus for counterfeiting.

Such draconian action was followed by dozens of articles and finally the FBI raided the vault where the gold and silver that backed the paper and digital currency were stored.  Dr. Richard Timberlake – senior free market economist and the granddaddy of the current sound money movement – said it best when his editorial branded the FBI Raid a “Gestapo” tactic.  Please click HERE (PDF) for Dr. Timberlake’s article.

2.       The Untold Story:  How the BVNH / Liberty Dollar Case Was Legally Sabotaged

Recently a close friend and ardent Liberty Dollar supporter asked me how it was possible that I was convicted for the Liberty Dollar that I had designed, developed and marketed as its Monetary Architect for ten years?

In short, he wanted to know how I could have been convicted for the Liberty Dollar?

The short answer is that my two trial “defense” attorneys, Aaron E. Michel and Randolph Lee simply acted in concert with the DOJ prosecuting attorney, Jill Rose, to convict me.

Sound unbelievable?  Not when you consider that the DOJ “enjoy” a 97% success rate for convictions and you have been through the process.  Just think about 97% success rate!  How is that possible?  Simple!  The “defense attorneys” simply talk, intimidate or outright co-op their clients into copping a plea.  Simple as that.

In fact, all my !@#$#@! attorneys leading up to the trial tried to co-op me into taking a deal.  And if you don’t take a deal then they “advise” you of the odds and warn you that if the Feds don’t get you on the current charges they will get you on taxes or something else.  My final two trial attorneys: Aaron E. Michel and Randolph Lee tried repeatedly to co-op me into prison!  You must understand… that really is their job.

In hindsight, my attorneys only discussed my defense occasionally.  They repeatedly worked with the DOJ.  But of course I didn’t understand what was happening.  I had done tons of research, worked under the careful guidance of very knowledgeable attorneys, had a Legal Opinion Letter and believed I was innocent and believed that the system would support my case.  I was WRONG!  Dead wrong!!

I liken being a defendant in a federal criminal case as to having sex for the first time.  What the hell do most people know, expressly if you grew up in the know-nothing, pre-Playboy, 50’s?  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know how to do it and you are probably not very good the first time.  Fortunately we all get a second chance.  That is not the case in the federal un-judicial system.  But most of us, girls as much as boys, are driven if not expected, to engage in sex as such is the human nature of life.  So like a legal virgin, I was ill prepared for the federal battle of my life.

But first there was “Economic Prosecution” – the MO in any federal case.  This is whereby the government confiscates all your property that effectively bars you from any economic resources to mount a legal defense.  In my federal case the antagonist was the FBI and because it was federal, national in scope and very complicated, it proved to be very costly to mount a defense.

While NORFED had spent a sizable amount of money every year to research and establish the legality of the Liberty Dollar currency model, that amount paled in comparison to the huge legal costs to mount a federal defense for a large national criminal case that had landed on the front page of The Washington Post and many major “news” organiza-tions.

Most attorneys I contacted about the BVNH/Liberty Dollar case simply would not take the case.  The attorneys who were willing to defend me wanted $250,000 or more retainer to be refreshed after $50,000 was spent.  They did not treat me so much like a client or even a criminal that needed legal representation but their own personal cash cow.  Obviously that did not work for a grass-roots, non-profit, patriot organization that made no profits.  But the legal profession does not care.  The “system” does not care.  As Michael Jackson sang so truly:  “They Don’t Care About Us.”

So most first time defendants, about 97%, are ignorant and broke.  While I quickly became aware of my dire situation, I was not prepared for the conniving ways that my Court appointed “defense attorneys” Aaron E. Michel and Randolph Lee worked in concert with the DOJ Attorney Rose to convict me.

I was not convicted on the merits of the DOJ case.  My conviction was delivered by Michel and Lee that was seemingly deliberately to do so.  Here are just a few of the many ways Michel and Lee sabotaged my case:

  • Absolutely no planning for the trial.
  • Refused to organize the witnesses.
  • Dismissing the witnesses who wanted to testify.
  • David Ganz is one example.  Ganz was without question one of the most well-known numismatic attorneys in the USA.  Michel and Lee agreed with the DOJ to dismiss David Ganz, after the Court had paid him $70,000 to prepare to testify. He could have brought so much to my trial. Ganz opinion is attached (PDF)
  • When a person volunteered to contact the witness, Michel and Lee refused to even participate, return their calls, interview them or help in any way.
  • They often conferred with the DOJ, not unusual in any trial, but they continuously whittled down my list of defense witnesses from the Court approved 72 to less than a dozen.
  • Their objections in Court were half-hearted and hollow.
  • The most flaming example of the miscarriage of justice is that Michel and Lee agreed with the DOJ to bar the extensive six months of work by the Liberty Dollar chief counsel, Marion Harrison, to resolve the US Mint warning that the use of the Liberty Dollar was not illegal.  When Marion Harrison, a well-known and respected attorney in Washington who incorporated NORFED and should have been one of the best witnesses for the Liberty Dollar case was barred from disclosing the legal work he had done, calls and letters written to Samuel P. Shaver Chief Counsel for the US Mint.  Harrison was effectively barred from providing the info about my Declaratory Judgement to resolve the US Mint warning.  Michel and Lee effectively barred any defense unless it was approved by the DOJ!
  • And when James Burk, my other Washington DC attorney who worked on the Declaratory Judgement with Harrison was to testify, Michel and Lee also agreed with the DOJ to bar him from testifying except for his name and profession!

Over and over again, Michel and Lee agreed that I did not need any high powered witnesses to testify regarding my Liberty Dollar case!

So what kind of defense did Michel and Lee mount?  Damn little!

And the massive control was not limited to the Courtroom.

Just as my trial started, Lee complained that he had to drive two hours from his home south of Charlotte to Statesville where the trial took place.  I now reflect that Lee was fishing for more control of my trial and maybe me too.  IAC: As a result of that conversation, I invited him to stay with Telle and myself at our condo that was near Statesville.  I thought this would be the right thing to do and it would also give us more time to work on the case.

That was not the case!  Lee was moody. Upon arriving at the condo each day, Lee went to his room and never reappeared until just before it was time to leave for the Courthouse in the morning.  I never had dinner with him.  Never met with him.  Never worked on the case. Never saw him!  He refused to return any calls from the witnesses. Lee never did anything but hide out all during the trial. In hindsight, it appears that Lee was just brain washing me and keeping extremely close control to lose the case to the feds.

Lee was soo distant, remote and uncooperative that I now view that Lee staying with us amounted to a form of brain washing.  Much like when a child is kidnapped and grows up thinking that their life is “normal” only to find out that they were brain washed into believing a lie as the truth.  Such was the BVNH trial at the hands of Lee.  Unfortunately, my case was just another example of the blatant abuse of the judicial system to go-along to get-along.

My Liberty Dollar case was handled much differently than all the other cases involving a warning from the US Mint.  Usually when the US Mint issues a “warning,” which happens several times a year, the attorney for the company that is the subject of the warning confers with the US Mint attorney to resolve the Mint’s issue.  That was not the case with the Liberty Dollar and me.

Following that well established legal mythology, Mr. Marion Harrison, who was very well connected with the Washington establishment and a personal friend of US Supreme Court Justice Scalia and long-time counsel who incorporated NORFED and general counsel for the Liberty Dollar, contacted Samuel P. Shaver, the chief legal counsel for the US Mint.

Very quickly Mr. Harrison was joined by James Burk, a fellow DC attorney.  Their one-sided effort of calls and letters continued from immediately after the Mint warning on September 14 until it became obvious that the feds were simply stalling.  So James Burk, through fellow counsel Jim Johnson, filed for a Declaratory Judgement with the US District Court in Evansville, Indiana on March 20, 2007.  We simply expected that if the Mint legal counsel would not do anything, then a Declaratory Judgement would resolve the warning.

For over a year, from the Mint warning on September 14, 2006 until November 7, 2007, the DOJ stalled the Liberty Dollar attorneys until the FBI obtained a search warrant and raided the storage at the Sunshine Mint in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, NORFED headquarters in Evansville, the two CPA firms who audited the stored gold and silver, the currency printer and two other locations.

Just review the government’s own documents on PACER (PDF) that detail the DOJ actions. The US government was out to get the Liberty Dollar and nothing was going to get in their way.

The whole body of legal work to peacefully resolve the Mint warning was a smoke screen to hide the war against the Liberty Dollar.  So when the trial finally got underway, it was well established that BVNH and the Liberty Dollar were guilty.

It is very interesting that Judge Voorhees mentioned some prior legal action at my sentencing hearing but as it never became part of my case, it could not be considered.  Why?  Simply because Michel and Lee agreed with the DOJ to never mention the Declaratory Judgement in my trial so neither the Court nor the jury could see my attorney’s many efforts to resolve the Mint warning.  It was as if, it never happened!   But the impact on my trial could have been the difference between guilty and not guilty verdict and the DOJ knew it!

The treatment of the Liberty Dollar was in stark contrast as to what usually happens when the Mint issues a warning.  Usually when the US Mint issues a warning, the attorney for the company that is the subject of the “Warning” contacts the Mint to resolve the issues it objects to.  The most common issue is the Mint’s objection of mis-representation by an advertiser as to one of the Mint’s products, hence the usual disclaimer in most advertisement that the seller is not associated or part of the US Mint.

National Collector Mint is a master at overcoming US Mint warnings.  They have been warned over a dozen times.  And their attorney has always prevailed to find a workable non-criminal action.  Such was not the case with the Liberty Dollar that the government was out to kill at any cost… even abuse of power.  What else is new about this damn government?!  So would the attorneys who represent National Collector Mint come to the aid of the Liberty Dollar?  No way!  They did not want any adverse publicity and dare lose their own cash cow.

Do you think all this could happen by chance?

Well it was certainly not chance that Michel and Lee barred introducing David Rostcheck’s research into the original intent of Section 486.  Exemplifying the type of citizenship of the Liberty Dollar supporters, Mr. Rostcheck devoted his summer to researching Section 486 and then wrote the most exhaustive Brief on Section 486, (PDF) the only criminal charge that I was convicted of.

Did Michel and Lee call David Rostcheck to testify?  No!  Did they introduce Rostcheck’s massive research on 486?  No!  Did they provide the slightest bit of defense?  No!  Was I convicted on the merits of the DOJ case?  NO!  I was convicted on the demerits of my supposed “defense” attorneys who cooped my conviction.

Countless times Michel and Lee conspired with the DOJ to convict me.  At one point during the trial I turned to Lee and asked him about Michel’s attitude and the fact he rarely ever said anything.  Lee immediately branded Michel as being “hostile” to my case!  Did Michel know something I should have known?

Another example of Lee’s lack of defense was his refusal to organize the witnesses.  He even refused to take any calls from the witnesses.  He even refused to take calls from fellow attorneys who wanted to testify on my behalf or from witnesses who were going to testify.  Lee was not only bad counsel he openly conspired to sabotage my “defense”.

During the trial, I overheard Lee talking to US Attorney Rose regarding the trial and how soon they could wrap it up… it became apparent that Lee conspired with Rose so she could leave on her planned vacation by Friday.  And sure enough, according to the contrived script, my trial ended on Friday.

But nothing screams of Lee’s co-opting of my case more than his Closing Statement at my trial.  Lee had 20 minutes to plead my case and document my innocence.  He only spoke for ten minutes, made fun of his inability to pronounce “numismatics” and never said I was innocent.  Then he sat down next to me.  When I immediately pointed out to him that he still had ten minutes, he responded that he was losing the jury.  I exclaimed that he was losing the case!

Sure enough! Less than two hours later I was convicted!  Two hours?!  How could the jury read the 72 pages of Jury Instructions in two hours let alone discuss such a complicated case that was whittled down to eight days in just two hours. Obviously, for the jury, it was an open and shut case when your Court appointed “defense” attorney does everything possible to get a conviction.

After I was convicted, my son told me that Michel had been censured by Judge Voorhees who tried to have Michel disbarred. But Michel never told me, for if he had I would have requested a different “defense” attorney.  Just another infraction in my Liberty Dollar case of horrors.

Is this and soo much more enough to re-open my Liberty Dollar case?   I doubt it!

3.       Trump Dollar, World Peace, New Gold Standard & the Trickle Up Effect

On several occasions, collectors have asked me why WORLD PEACE is so prominently featured on the obverse of the Trump Dollar.  My standard answer is that it is intended to suggest that an honest value-based monetary system might be the key to world peace.  It is also intended to reflect back to a time of world peace and encourage my fellow peace activists of the 60s to support a new peace initiative.

In my 70+ years, I can’t remember soo much strife, hardship or war in the world.  It seems that the whole world has gone mad without ever officially declaring war.  It seems that war has grown to become our current American culture.

The WORLD PEACE legend is featured on the obverse as a call, if not a command, for a Peace Initiative by President Trump if he is elected.  Personally I find it detestable that my country is the largest arms dealer in the world and has more troops engaged in more active military actions (i.e. wars) in more countries than any other country.  And the USA is not even officially at war?!

The WORLD PEACE legend is on the Trump Dollar to encourage a private meeting with President Donald Trump, President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping without all the aids and formalness that often gets in the way of a simple meeting.  Just imagine:  These three leaders represent the vast majority of the world population, land mass, arms sales and exert an enormous influence over the remaining world population.  I dare say that if the Big Three were to meet, world peace would have a chance.

Why?  Simply because of national interest and self-interest.  The bottom line is that the “people” make more money in peace than in war.  War only rewards the merchants of death at the cost of the people, while Peace enables everybody to profit.

The term for such an economic miracle is the:  Trickle Up Effect.  Simply by establishing a peaceful environment with a sound monetary system and rewarding the lowest level of the economic system with sound money, the sound money miracle reverberates up so everybody profits.  From the slum dweller to the penthouse mogul – everybody makes more money with the Trickle Up Effect!

Don’t you think that Trump, Putin and Xi want to be heroes to their own countries?  Of course!  How could that happen?  Simple by agreeing to cease selling arms.  Period.  All that war making production would be returned to the civil society and with a new value based monetary structure it would reward everybody.

Wild?  Unbelievable?  Not really.  All it takes is the agreement of three people, Trump, Putin and Xi for a new monetary structure based on gold.  If you were to believe some of the pundits it is already well in place.  USA has helped China acquire a sizable amount of gold for many years.  China is now the largest world producer of gold and the largest user of gold.  The United States is the second producer of gold.  And Russia is the third largest producer of gold.  There is no question that gold has gained enormous credibility in the past ten years.

Many know-nothing economists complain of the complexities of restoring a value based i.e. gold and silver, economic system.  Nothing is further from the truth.  In fact, Dr. Judy Shelton, an economist of great stature who branded me the Rosa Parks of Monetary Policy, has already introduced a brilliant gold bond proposal that would gently guide the world economic system back towards a new gold standard monetary system.

And Ms. Shelton is not alone.  Dr. Steve Hanke’s work on currency boards adds much to the mechanics as does Nathan Lewis’ research.  Steve Forbes, who has graced me with a few words of support for my Liberty Dollar work, has supported such a move towards a gold base monetary system.  Dr. Larry White and many other well established economists support a gold based monetary system.  Even Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Warns Of Imminent Crisis, Urges A Return To Gold Standard.   I also wrote a book in 2012:  Free Market Gold Standard that elaborates on the mechanics of introducing a new Gold Standard much like Ms. Shelton’s own brilliant work.

So what would it take to Stop the War and Love Prosperity?!  Us!  We are the answer.  We need a worldwide outcry for World Peace and a movement to bring Trump (if elected), Putin and Xi together.  These three men can do it.  It is not complicated.  It does not take a new Bretton Woods Summit and a staff of hundreds.  The world could change overnight with a simple agreement between the three leading political figures to Stop the War, empower their national economics and return the benefits to the vast majority of people on Earth with a new value based monetary – a new Gold Standard.

Just recently, August 15 was the 45th Anniversary of the end of the Gold Standard.  How long do we have to wait for prosperity?  How many people must be killed needlessly?   How long should we have to wait for World Peace anchored with a new world wide monetary system based on value?

Judy Shelton, one of Donald Trump’s economic advisors, has proposed an innovative initiative to implement a Gold Standard based on government issued gold bonds as a method to introduce a market driven price for gold and digest the enormous amount of hot fiat paper government money.  Unfortunately, the stumbling block to the Shelton Gold Bond Initiative is that it depends on government action.  And the US government has demonstrated repeatedly that they will not give up their addiction to controlling the world monetary system with massive paper money by manipulating the gold and silver markets.

Of course, all bets are off if Donald Trump is elected and opts for a ballsy take-charge initiative and meets with Putin and Xi as proposed above.

Click HERE for Trump and the GOP Proposal to Study Return to Gold Standard.

Click HERE for the Shelton Gold Bond Initiative.

4.       How bad is Killary Clinton?

Nothing could be further from World Peace than the four Clinton Murders within a month that builds on a long history of countless Clinton Murders reaching back to July 20, 1993 when Killary Clinton murdered her lover Vince Foster in the Whitehouse.  Or the recent article: Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team” that lead a friend to ask me “How bad is Killery Clinton?”

When I asked my friend what he meant about Clinton, he restated his question:  “How many people have the Clinton’s murdered?”

I told him that quite frankly, it is really hard to say!  At least a hundred and probably more!  He was shocked!  Here are the facts.

The deaths connected to the Clinton’s are so numerous and so suspicious that there is even a term for them… ARKANCIDES.

Search for a list of Clinton Murders and most likely you will be informed that: “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.”  That is because the server is temporarily unable to service your request because so many people are learning that the Clinton’s are mass murderers!  And his bitch wife is far more evil, even more dangerous, than old man Clinton, if you can even image that!

If is maxxed out or most likely jammed, try this site.

To paraphrase George Orwell:  “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” Is there any doubt that the United States has ceased to be a Republic and is now an empire?  Is there any doubt that all the US Presidents are liars?  To paraphrase Orwell again:  “In a time of universal lies – truth can be very dangerous to your health.” So if I should die for any reason, please blame the Clinton’s.

So how many Arkancides – people who have died under very unusual circumstances – have the Clinton’s murdered that stood in the way of the Clinton Crime Family’s rise to wealth and power?  The exact number is simply too big or too buried to ascertain.

Usually, if you kill somebody for Clinton, you get pardoned in Arkansas.  But here is a list of people who President Clinton didn’t have to pardon because he had them murdered also.

Not happy with that list of Clinton murders?  Just google:  murders in arkansas + clinton for more lists including this one.

Need more info?  Just check out this List.

It includes a list of a dozen of Clinton’s own body guards that he murdered because they knew too much:

Major William S. Barkley Jr.                                                                 Captain Scott J. Reynolds                                                                           Sgt. Brian Hanley                                                                                      Sgt. Tim Sabel Major                                                                              General William Robertson                                                                         Col. William Densberger                                                                             Col. Robert Kelly Spec.                                                                              Gary Rhodes                                                                                              Steve Willis                                                                                                  Robert Williams                                                                                       Conway LeBleu                                                                                         Todd McKeehan

What are the odds of 12 Clinton security people being killed!  What did they know?!

Of all the Clinton murder cases, one is particularly alarming:  Two young boys were murdered and their bodies were placed on the train tracks after they observed the huge cocaine operation at the Mena Arkansas airport run by GHW Bush and Bill Clinton during the Iran-Contra Scandal run by Bush’s evil twin, Dick Cheney, from the “Vice” Presidential Office in the basement of the Whitehouse with Colonel Oliver North.

Attached HERE (PDF) is a short summary of these two murders.

And the battle for justice re these two murders continues to this day:  Linda Ives vs USA government corruption (PDF).

Do any of these murders sound suspicious to you?   What are the odds that soo many people directly associated with President Bill Clinton could be murdered in such a short time period?

Hopefully you are as enraged as I am with such an openly murderous President and his murderous wife who wants to continue to rape Americans for their personal & political gain.

I dare not think what America would be like with another murdering President Clinton.

Nobody would be safe.  The country would not be safe.  I don’t feel safe.

You think the current government is bad?  It will be a whole lot worse with that murderer  in the White House.  God Help America if Killary Clinton is elected!

Killary Clinton, Please Stop Killing People


One more story about attorney Killary Clinton.

The bottom line is that: Killary Is Way More Awful Than Trump

Still got doubts about Trump vs Killary?  Check out these facts:

FACT #1:                                                                                                                       Trump has nearly three times the amount of followers on Facebook. Trump: 12,174,358 likes.                                                                     Clinton: 4,385,959 likes.

Fact #2:                                                                                                                              Trump’s live stream videos compared to Hillary’s:                               Trump Live Stream Post — 21 hours ago:                                          135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views

Clinton Live Stream Post — 25 hours ago:                                                   9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000 views                                                         That does not look good at all for her!

Fact #3:                                                                                                                         Trump has 18.6 million twitter followers.                                              Clinton has only 6.1 million.                                                                     The best part is that most of Clinton’s supporters are actually fake. According to the Washington Examiner, 41 percent of Clinton’s “followers” are not even real people.

In contrast, The Daily Caller says that Trump’s followers are 90% real with 90% of them having a previous voting record.

Fact #4:                                                                                                                          Trump averages 160,000 viewers per live stream.                                   Clinton averages 400 viewers per live stream.                                            Wow. That is bad. Trump also gets 5,000 percent more eyeballs focused on the screen than Clinton. Yep. She really is that boring to the folks.

Fact #5:                                                                                                                    Instagram.                                                                                              Trump has 6,200,000 followers.                                                              Clinton has 800,000 followers.                                                        Instagram is a platform with mostly all pictures and not much substance – exactly what Hillary supporters love. And still she does very poorly in that medium.

Fact #6:                                                                                                                          On Reddit.                                                                                                       Trump: 297,696 subscribers                                                                   Clinton: 21,429 subscribers

Trump has more subscribers than Clinton on every major social media outlet but what is most telling is that there are nearly three times as many people subscribed to “Hillary for Prison” than are subscribed to the “Hillary for President” page!

The best part is that the DNC’s emails from WikiLeaks has proven that Clinton pays people to support her online. Trump supporters on the other hand actually like him and follow him on Social media.

Trump actually has the support of the people. He is going to win this election – no matter what the mainstream media would like you to believe.

5.       Update on the Return of Your Seized Property

The good news about your seized Liberty Dollars is that you are getting Liberty Dollar back from the US government!!!  So if you filed a Petition to recover your seized property, then you may well know that your petition has been approved as almost all have been approved!  In fact, 265 of the 308 Petitions were approved almost a year ago.  So hopefully your property will be returned soon.  Please note that the Court has ruled that no property will be returned until all the petitions are resolved.  And given the Liberty Dollar case set a record for individual petitions in a federal case, it is understandable that the Court has ruled that all petitions must be resolved before any property is returned otherwise it would be a real mess.

Please continue to be patient.  The best is yet to come as you will get actual Gold and Silver Libertys back when your wrongfully seized property is finally returned!

6.       Should Wal-Mart Run the US Government?

An interesting question given this List of Wal-Mart statistics. (PDF)

While hypothetical, there is no doubt that the politicians are doing a great job of running the country… into the ground!   Just look at the suicide rate of returning servicemen from a war that was never declared.  The world is crazy with war!

7.       BVNH Blog and Facebook pages

In an effort to stay informed and keep you informed I have created a Bernard von NotHaus blog and a new Facebook page.  Please take a moment to join my blog and “like” me on Facebook.  Thank you soo much for your continued support.  Without question, you made the Liberty Dollar great.

8.       Negative Feedback on the Trump Dollar Article

I was embarrassed by the negative emails and cancellations that I received when I announced the Trump Dollar.  The reality is that the USA is going to have a new president.  Thank God!   As usual there will be two main choices.  As I have documented above, the choice is pretty clear:  A murdering bitch or an outspoken billionaire.  I choose to commemorate Candidate Donald Trump as I can’t fathom such an obvious murderer in the White House, knowing very well that every president kills people without a declaration of war by Congress or due legal process.

I apologize if anyone was offended by the Trump Dollar but I stand by my words, actions and the Trump Dollar.  Nobody is perfect.  Every US president has had their share of baggage.  But I cannot think of electing anybody who could be worse than Killary Clinton.

Thank you for taking the time to tune into the Liberty Dollar News.  I will continue to work for your wrongfully seized property to be returned ASAP.

Please reply with a brief email or a comment on this blog if you wish but please note I simply do not have time to reply to all the emails.

And remember, it is only by banding together and adopting a free, private and independent currency that provides us with “just weights and measures” that we will be able to throw off the yoke of a government manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thanks again for your support and all your efforts to return America to value – one Liberty Dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus                                                                                  Monetary Architect/Editor                                                                            Email

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Jim Rickard’s says, “There will be a War on Gold”

Jim Rickards: “There Will Be A War On Gold”

There have been a lot of very important, very significant political and geopolitical developments and they can all impact gold or commodities one way or another…

I do have the sense that we’re getting closer to some very significant break in the system…

This is a great interview Sprott’s Thoughts publication did with Jim Rickards, following a recent keynote presentation at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium. James G. Rickards is a best-selling author and advisor to the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities.

Some excerpts…

Everyone knows that gold used to be money but most people don’t think of it as money today. I do personally and that’s how I analyze it, but that’s not widespread. Most people don’t think gold is money. They think it’s a commodity. I disagree. I think its money.

So gold used to be money. It’s not really money today except to a few people like me. I think it will be money again in the future.

What is money? I gave a lot of illustrations; feathers, clam shells, euros, gold, silver, beads, digital money, credit cards, and bitcoin. The truth is they’re all money or have been money at certain times. There were certainly times and places when feathers or clam shells were money. Not so much today but that used to be true in certain societies.

People like to criticize gold or paper dollars or bitcoin and they say well, “It’s not backed up by anything.” The dollar is not backed up by anything or bitcoin is not backed up by anything. I make the point that all forms of money are backed up by one thing—confidence.

So I expect that when governments suddenly wake up one day and say, “Wait a second, all these people we tried to chase out of paper money, they’re going into gold.”—at that point, there will be a war on gold.

If you and I have confidence that something is money, then its money….

The entire interview and podcast are here

If you are fed up with money that loses value, you can Trump the government with some Trump Dollars in gold, silver or copper.

Gold Trump Dollar
Gold Trump Dollar

Has there Already Been A Coup?

Mark Levin says “We’ve had a silent coup in this country” with the Obama administration taking over healthcare, targeting the suburbs, and nationalizing the local police.

“His government doesn’t have the authority to do any of these things, but he does it,” Levin said on his July 8 broadcast. “Well, if that’s not martial law, what the hell is? We’ve had a silent coup in this country.”

I just posted an article from Mike Adams of Natural News, titled “Everything is Rigged.” I highly recommend that you read and share this article with everyone you know. The article will remain as a permanent page.

And Clint Eastwood, in an interview with Esquire, said;

“I’d have to go for Trump … you know… because she’s declared that she’s gonna follow in Obama’s footsteps.

“There’s been just too much funny business on both sides of the aisle. She’s made a lot of dough out of being a politician. I gave up dough to be a politician.”

I have hope that Trump can reverse the effects of the coup.

The British are buying gold, post-Brexit

The British are buying gold, post-Brexit. Some buyers are putting 40% to 50% of their net worth into gold. Peter Schiff reports;

British Pouring Up to Half of Their Net-Worth Into Gold

Historically, the British haven’t been too keen on gold. Now that post-Brexit, the future is so unknown and the effect on the economy so uncertain, they are seeking a safe haven in both gold and silver to protect their net worth. They are worried about bank failures and inflation. They are worried about losing their life savings.

Reuters reports on one London-based property developer who said “the current sense of panic over the UK financial system was unlike anything he had ever seen.

‘I just can’t believe what’s going on,’ he said, asking not to be named. ‘Projects that were meant to happen now haven’t and the last thing I would do right now is buy another property.’

Instead, he has bought £350,000 worth of gold and plans to hold it for at least the next two years.”

Britain’s departure from the European Union could send shock waves across the global economy and threaten more than a trillion dollars in investment and trade with the United States, reports The Washington Post.

From Zero Hedge “The truth as all those who buy gold after the devaluation learn, is that for gold to be a store of value and preserve purchasing power it has to be acquired before some catastrophic, devaluing event, which as yesterday’s Brexit showed, tends to be utterly unpredictable.”

Gold and silver are real money. REAL money is inflation proof. With the US dollar losing value at an alarming rate and more bailouts with much

Trump Dollar - Post-Brexit, British buy Gold
Trump Dollar – Gold

higher National Debt continuing to grow, now is the time to take monetary matters into your own hand and protect your money… before it is too late.

The Trump Dollar is a great place to start!

Venezuela is Hungry

Venezuela is Hungry

The people are standing in line for hours just to buy whatever happens to be available that day. Inflation is so high, and wages so low, that it barely pays to go to work. All of their efforts must focus on finding food to feed their hungry children. It sounds just like the stories we heard out of communist Russia and Zimbabwe. There seem to be possible multiple causes of the current disaster, but the bottom line is that you can’t trust the government. Especially a socialist government.

Socialism at Work

It appears that the current trouble in Venezuela began at least a decade ago. It was decided that the environment needed protecting, and in 2007, Former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, announced that Venezuela was going to save the environment and stop global warming by investing in energy conservation efforts.

Hydroelectric power produces 74% of their power. By 2009, the country was experiencing electrical power cuts lasting up to six hours at a time. Drought and under-investment of infrastructure was blamed for the energy shortages.

In 2011, the Venezuelan government announced that the country was experiencing growing pains. They reported that poverty had been reduced and the economy was booming. The government was having trouble keeping up with electrical power demands because the rapid growth was causing increased demands for electricity. The problem grew, and in 2013 the new president, Nicolas Maduro, blamed blackouts on sabotage by his political opposition. The attorney general of Venezuela called on hungry people to “remain calm, not to believe rumors of an alleged food shortage. He announced that “hoarders” were to be arrested and imprisoned.

As events unfolded, there was no “alleged” food shortage but rather an actual food shortage.

In March 2015, President Obama “declared Venezuela a national security threat and ordered sanctions against seven officials from the oil-rich country in the worst bilateral diplomatic dispute since socialist President Nicolas Maduro took office in 2013.”

“Venezuelan officials past and present who violate the human rights of Venezuelan citizens and engage in acts of public corruption will not be welcome here, and we now have the tools to block their assets and their use of U.S. financial systems,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement. The United States is Venezuela’s top trading partner, and the OPEC member in 2014 remained the fourth-largest supplier of crude to the United States at an average of 733,000 barrels per day – despite a decade-long effort by Caracas to diversify its oil shipments to China and India.

Venezuela is Hungry

Recent headlines tell the worsening story

Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out

Venezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution

Venezuelans cross into Colombia to buy food

“During Carnival, we used to throw eggs at each other just to have some fun. Now an egg is like gold.” – Hot Air

A Socialist Les Miserables in Venezuela

“We want food!” Looting and riots rock Venezuela daily

Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food”

Maduro Puts Military In Charge Of Venezuela’s Food, Calls It “Great Sovereign Supply Mission”

“Venezuela, once a wealthy oil state, where the doctors offering “universal health care” have no medicine and starving people loot government stores looking for food…” Sultan Knish

Venezuela food shortages: “No one can explain why a rich country has no food” – Toilet paper, rice and coffee have long been missing from stores, as Venezuelan president blames CIA plot for chronic shortages

YouTube Video:

The End Game For Socialist Venezuela Is A Failed State Heading Toward A Military Dictatorship

Where is the major media? I don’t see many of them covering this story because it speaks ill of socialist governments. The starvation in Venezuela contradicts the narrative that the United States should elect Hillary Clinton as our socialist president.





Mining CEO Forecasts Triple Digit Silver

I found this article today over at SHTFPlan Top Mining CEO Forecasts Triple Digit Silver Within Two Years: “The Manipulation Is Coming To An End”

The article is worth a read. Keith Neumeyer, Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance and the CEO of First Majestic Silver,

“highlights the fact that people all over the world are fed up with politicians, central banks and financial institutions working together to further degrade our rights and pillage our wealth. The Brexit vote is the latest evidence of this, but so, too, is the rise of Donald Trump’s popularity in America.”

“The anti-establishment movement is pushing back and with it will come collapse of the status quo, panic and violence. Anytime throughout history that confidence in the system has been lost and chaos is the norm, precious metals become the only safe haven asset and currency of last resort.”

I advise that you trade a hefty portion of your worthless Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) for silver or gold before it’s too late. The Trump Dollar would be a great place to start!Trump Dollar, silver, gold & copper


The last few days I was attending  a coin convention in Orlando, Florida and did a couple of video shoots that I will post soon. Video shoots went well… the proof is in the pudding… or as they say on the floor of the editing booth…

Since I returned from the coin convention… I am swamped with a backlog that seems to be unending. I am now home and recuperating from my travels. The air-conditioning just quit working so it is HOT as h*ll in here as its 97 today. I hope you can stay cool where you are.





Privately Minted Coins Found To Be Legitimate Money

Many thanks to Peter Schiff for the magnificent story he posted today about a man named Josiah Sprinkle, who lived in eastern Kentucky in the early 1830s. The story, written by Samuel Bryan, was posted at Schiff Gold and titled Privately Minted Silver Coins Were Legitimate Money in the 1800s. Josiah had a silver mine and minted his own private money, made of pure silver. At that time, the U.S. government money was also minted of silver, but Josiah’s were worth slightly more than theirs were. The government didn’t appreciate the competition, and had Josiah arrested. He was found not guilty in court!

How did Josiah Sprinkle escape conviction and prison? Because his coins were REAL MONEY, being pure silver, and being of the correct weight that met the definition of a dollar. The U.S. government did not have a valueless fiat currency to defend, so they could not prove the charge. They couldn’t claim, in court, that Josiah’s coins were counterfeits, and not money. Money is money, no matter who minted it. Money is silver and gold.

Nowdays the Federal Reserve circulates fiat currency, NOT Real Money. The paper is not backed by silver or gold.

Schiff also briefly tells the story of the Yocum Dollar. You can read about the Yocum Dollar and the full story of Josiah Sprinkle at Schiff Gold and at PCGS. The NY Times has a PDF of their 1895 article about Mr. Sprinkle.


Hillary’s Lies, The Air Gap Rule, and Systematic Perfidy

I’m on the road again for the next several days, going to shoot a couple of videos. This traveling gets harder and harder to do every year, but I still love it. Reading the morning news, I found this timely piece to share.

James Wesley, Rawles, editor of the superb and always enlightening Survival Blog, and former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, has written an excellent commentary on Hillary Clinton’s email crimes. I share it here in it’s entirety in case you missed it:

Hillary’s Lies, The Air Gap Rule, and Systematic Perfidy

By James Wesley Rawles | July 6, 2016

FBI Director James Comey flat out lied to the American people yesterday, when he described Hillary Clinton and the State Department’s staffers as “extremely careless” and declined to refer her case for prosecution. What they actually did was far more serious than “careless”. Without a doubt, they willfully, criminally, treasonously carried out deliberate steps to copy classified paragraphs to an unsecure private server, and then they lied about it and also tried to delete files and confound investigators to cover their tracks.

By not confirming this perfidy with a criminal referral, Mr. Comey just made himself an indirect party to their crimes. Let me explain why I know this with certainty:

First, all classified documents are kept on dedicated independent encrypted computer systems and networks that do not cross over into the unclassified world. These computers are all very carefully air gapped–meaning that they NEVER have a physical connection to computers on unclassified networks. Therefore, there were only three ways that those 2,100+ classified paragraphs (some of them TS Codeword!) could have ended up in unclassified e-mails:

  1. While reading one screen, someone laboriously keyed them in by hand, to appear on another screen. (This is unlikely, or human transcription errors would have been obvious.)
  2. Someone “bridged the air gap” with an Ethernet cable or other data cable. Also unlikely, but that is possible in a worst-case security breach.
  3. Someone copied classified files (or excerpts from them), using a memory stick or other removable memory media. (The most likely method used.)

Second, even if the Air Gap Rule violations could somehow be explained, then there is still the issue of the systematic removal of the classification markings on the documents. Not only does the top and bottom of each page carry a classification marking, but each individual paragraph contained within the document carries a classification prefix. These paragraph prefixes include:

(U) Which stands for Unclassified

(C) Which stands for Confidential

(S) Which stands for Secret

(NF) A secondary marking which stands for No Foreign (NOFORN) dissemination (So, for example, in might read: S/NF”)

(TS/Codeword) Which stands for Top Secret and the initials of a SCI compartment codeword.

Note: There are also other variations of these markings. And I can’t even mention any of those codewords or their initials because they themselves are considered classified!

The inescapable and inconvenient truth is that those top, bottom, and paragraph classification markings don’t disappear without someone taking the time and trouble to painstakingly remove them! Again, this could not have been any sort of carelessness.

If anyone else in government service (whether military or civilian) had done what Hillary perfidiously ordered her staff to repeatedly do, then if detected they’d be immediately arrested and within a few short months they’d face trial and probably be serving 10+ years of hard time in a Federal Pen. But apparently Hitlery Clinton is so witchy special that laws don’t apply to her–at least in the eyes of the politically-appointed FBI director.

As a former Intelligence officer, I am absolutely sickened and appalled to see Director Comey sell out the way that he did. Curse you, Mr. Comey! If J. Edgar Hoover were alive today, he would spit in your eye.- JWR

Note: Permission is granted for re-posting of this entire article, but only if done so in full, with proper attribution to James Wesley, Rawles and SurvivalBlog, and only if the included links are preserved.)