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I haven’t found any other way to share all of these with you, so here are the links you need to find my three pages at Facebook. I don’t spend enough time there myself but I will get notified that you LIKED me and I would appreciate it very much. I have a wonderful helper who assists me with all this. If she didn’t, it wouldn’t get done at all!

I don’t Tweet and I don’t remember if I joined Link-in. The best way to reach me is through the Contact page here on my Blog.

You can LIKE these FB pages if you choose, and I would like that. You can also read the Trump Dollar Facebook Page to see what news I have shared there. And please, go get yourself some Trump Dollars in Copper, Silver or Gold, while they are HOT! Time is running out folks, as we head closer to November and the election. Buy some and show them to your friends. Buy some as gifts!

Bernard von NotHaus

Trump Dollar

Liberty Dollar

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