I Met Sheriff David Clarke at Constitution Week

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is a giant of a man, and not just in height.

BVNH with Sheriff David Clarke at Constitution Week

Unfortunately, you have to open the PDF to view the picture that was taken of us.

I met Sheriff Clarke, of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, in Grand Lake Colorado at the week long, annual Constitution Week event.  He was the Keynote speaker and I had some time to visit with him.  As you can see he is a really tall guy.  Great speaker.  Very impressive.  It was a pleasure and an honor to meet Sheriff Clarke. Constitution Week was from September 12 – 17 and I met Sheriff Clarke at the Law Enforcement Dinner on Friday, September 16, 2016.

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

A snippet from Wikipedia:

“Clarke is viewed as an “iconoclastic sheriff,” one of “a long line of controversy-courting lawmen” that includes Richard Mack and Joe Arpaio in Arizona. Clarke has been “associated with those on the political extremes” on occasion, and has attracted attention for these “dalliances with the far right.” In 2013, Clarke accepted the “Sheriff of the Year Award” by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a group of sheriffs founded by Mack. The Southern Poverty Law Center has criticized founder Mack and his organization for espousing “radical-right” views. Earlier the same year, Clarke appeared for an interview on the syndicated show of Alex Jones, who is “best known for his anti-government views and conspiracy theories on everything from fluoride to the 9-11 terrorist attacks.” Clarke has also appeared on CNN, Fox News, and other major news outlets to discuss ongoing police controversies.”

Constitution Week

The People’s Sheriff Pac

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