Privately Minted Coins Found To Be Legitimate Money

Many thanks to Peter Schiff for the magnificent story he posted today about a man named Josiah Sprinkle, who lived in eastern Kentucky in the early 1830s. The story, written by Samuel Bryan, was posted at Schiff Gold and titled Privately Minted Silver Coins Were Legitimate Money in the 1800s. Josiah had a silver mine and minted his own private money, made of pure silver. At that time, the U.S. government money was also minted of silver, but Josiah’s were worth slightly more than theirs were. The government didn’t appreciate the competition, and had Josiah arrested. He was found not guilty in court!

How did Josiah Sprinkle escape conviction and prison? Because his coins were REAL MONEY, being pure silver, and being of the correct weight that met the definition of a dollar. The U.S. government did not have a valueless fiat currency to defend, so they could not prove the charge. They couldn’t claim, in court, that Josiah’s coins were counterfeits, and not money. Money is money, no matter who minted it. Money is silver and gold.

Nowdays the Federal Reserve circulates fiat currency, NOT Real Money. The paper is not backed by silver or gold.

Schiff also briefly tells the story of the Yocum Dollar. You can read about the Yocum Dollar and the full story of Josiah Sprinkle at Schiff Gold and at PCGS. The NY Times has a PDF of their 1895 article about Mr. Sprinkle.


Hillary’s Lies, The Air Gap Rule, and Systematic Perfidy

I’m on the road again for the next several days, going to shoot a couple of videos. This traveling gets harder and harder to do every year, but I still love it. Reading the morning news, I found this timely piece to share.

James Wesley, Rawles, editor of the superb and always enlightening Survival Blog, and former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, has written an excellent commentary on Hillary Clinton’s email crimes. I share it here in it’s entirety in case you missed it:

Hillary’s Lies, The Air Gap Rule, and Systematic Perfidy

By James Wesley Rawles | July 6, 2016

FBI Director James Comey flat out lied to the American people yesterday, when he described Hillary Clinton and the State Department’s staffers as “extremely careless” and declined to refer her case for prosecution. What they actually did was far more serious than “careless”. Without a doubt, they willfully, criminally, treasonously carried out deliberate steps to copy classified paragraphs to an unsecure private server, and then they lied about it and also tried to delete files and confound investigators to cover their tracks.

By not confirming this perfidy with a criminal referral, Mr. Comey just made himself an indirect party to their crimes. Let me explain why I know this with certainty:

First, all classified documents are kept on dedicated independent encrypted computer systems and networks that do not cross over into the unclassified world. These computers are all very carefully air gapped–meaning that they NEVER have a physical connection to computers on unclassified networks. Therefore, there were only three ways that those 2,100+ classified paragraphs (some of them TS Codeword!) could have ended up in unclassified e-mails:

  1. While reading one screen, someone laboriously keyed them in by hand, to appear on another screen. (This is unlikely, or human transcription errors would have been obvious.)
  2. Someone “bridged the air gap” with an Ethernet cable or other data cable. Also unlikely, but that is possible in a worst-case security breach.
  3. Someone copied classified files (or excerpts from them), using a memory stick or other removable memory media. (The most likely method used.)

Second, even if the Air Gap Rule violations could somehow be explained, then there is still the issue of the systematic removal of the classification markings on the documents. Not only does the top and bottom of each page carry a classification marking, but each individual paragraph contained within the document carries a classification prefix. These paragraph prefixes include:

(U) Which stands for Unclassified

(C) Which stands for Confidential

(S) Which stands for Secret

(NF) A secondary marking which stands for No Foreign (NOFORN) dissemination (So, for example, in might read: S/NF”)

(TS/Codeword) Which stands for Top Secret and the initials of a SCI compartment codeword.

Note: There are also other variations of these markings. And I can’t even mention any of those codewords or their initials because they themselves are considered classified!

The inescapable and inconvenient truth is that those top, bottom, and paragraph classification markings don’t disappear without someone taking the time and trouble to painstakingly remove them! Again, this could not have been any sort of carelessness.

If anyone else in government service (whether military or civilian) had done what Hillary perfidiously ordered her staff to repeatedly do, then if detected they’d be immediately arrested and within a few short months they’d face trial and probably be serving 10+ years of hard time in a Federal Pen. But apparently Hitlery Clinton is so witchy special that laws don’t apply to her–at least in the eyes of the politically-appointed FBI director.

As a former Intelligence officer, I am absolutely sickened and appalled to see Director Comey sell out the way that he did. Curse you, Mr. Comey! If J. Edgar Hoover were alive today, he would spit in your eye.- JWR

Note: Permission is granted for re-posting of this entire article, but only if done so in full, with proper attribution to James Wesley, Rawles and SurvivalBlog, and only if the included links are preserved.)

TSA Brutalizes & Terrorizes Young Woman

Simon Black, at Sovereign Man, knocked it out of the ballpark today with his blog post about Hannah Cohen, a 19-year old young woman in a wheelchair, who was brutalized, terrorized and arrested by the TSA. Her crime? She didn’t comprehend and obey fast enough.

“19-year old Hannah Cohen should have been partying.

“Living with multiple disabilities like paralysis, partial deafness, and blindness in one eye, Hannah also suffers from a brain tumor.

“And five days ago, she and her mother were traveling home via Memphis International Airport to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment with the rest of her family.

“That’s when Hannah found out how free she really is”… on HERE if you want to be outraged.

This has to stop. The government protects, defends and mollycoddles the terrorists and terrorizes the innocent citizens. Where was Hannah’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Where was the protection of the rights of the disabled?

I hope she sues, but that won’t be likely to stop TSA the next time they encounter a defenseless victim. What is it going to take to stop them?


Are You Celebrating Your Liberty Today?

Do you feel free? Are you enjoying your liberty?

Real Money

One of the few freedoms I see that we still have left to us, is the freedom to buy real money; i.e. gold and silver. Yes, this is another shameless plug for the Trump Dollar. Of course I want you to buy some gold and/or silver from me. Own some Free Speech that is Actually Worth Something.

The “2016 Trump Dollar” is a clear call for freedom of political speech and an expression of distrust of the entrenched political class. It was created to recognize Donald Trump’s heroic presidential candidacy and popularize it with collectors and sound-money supporters. It was designed by Bernard von NotHaus, the monetary architect of the Liberty Dollar. That’s me.


Tyler Durden, over at Zero Hedge, best expressed today, my sentiments about the current state of freedom in America.

What Is It We’re Celebrating Exactly?

“Moral law no longer governs. Only the law. And that can be anything. There are no limits whatsoever on what may be done to us; only that a law be enacted (and not even that). We are bound to obey, regardless. The king’s men could simply take our things, search our persons on whim. The colonists objected to such treatment and cited such treatment among the reasons for their decision to secede. Is it not a fact that the government’s men (and women) can simply take our things? Search us on whim? Have you traveled recently?” Read his post HERE.

Meanwhile, out in California, Governor Brown just signed six more gun ban laws, removing more freedoms that Californians thought they had. James Wesley Rawles over at Survival Blog, did an excellent job of informing us…Coping With California’s Six New Gun and Magazine Ban Laws.