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The historical links below all lead to stories about Bernard von NotHaus (BVNH) and the Liberty Dollar.

Bernard von NotHaus at Wikipedia

1974 – 2014 Chronology of NORFED, Liberty Dollar and BVNH TrialPDF

1998-2010 Key Legal DatesPDF

‘Liberty Dollars’ Can Buy Users A Prison Term, US Mint Warns – by The Washington Post, Oct. 10, 2006

Counterfeiting Charges & Verdict

The Liberty Dollar – VINDICATED: This historic site is dedicated to the passionate monetary activists who took a stand for sound money and supported the Liberty Dollar with action! While Bernard led the movement for citizens to – Change the Money / Change the Country – it was the good, honest, regular Americans who made the Liberty Dollar such a resounding success.

Numismatics, Liberty Dollar
Liberty Dollar

If there is any vindication of Bernard’s stand for sound money that holds its value, it is that in face of the fanatical Press Release by the FBI that branded Bernard a criminal counterfeiter and domestic terrorist in support of the Department of Injustice’s demand that Bernard be sentenced to 22 years in federal prison – it is that he only served one year  of probation. That’s vindication in action! Click HERE for one comment by noted monetary economist Dr. Richard Timberlake, dated December 3, 2007. PDF

In Paul They Trust (The Feds May Differ) – by The Washington Post, November 17, 2007

If It’s Good Enough For Mickey, Why Not For Paul? – by The Washington Post, November 19, 2007

Ron Paul – Lets Legalize Competing Currencies – February 13, 2008 Before the House of Representatives

Terrorist or Hero? An Interview with the ‘Rosa Parks of Monetary Liberty’ – by Scuttledd

Defendant Convicted of Minting His Own Currency – by FBI Press Release, March 18, 2011

Von NotHaus Affair Shows Two Sides Of Coinage – for Forbes, April 4, 2011

Consider silver as investment for the future – by Kyle Kidwell, April 14, 2011

Why outlaw private gold and silver coins? – by Chris Powell for GATA, April 20, 201

Radio Interview with Ernest Hancock on Freedom Phoenix News – April 26, 2011

Is He a Domestic Terrorist?  – by Midas Mulligan Magoo, April 28, 2011

How Bernard von NotHaus Could Save the U.S.A….but the Government Didn’t Let Him – by the Indianapolis Monthly, July 28, 2012

Bernard von NotHaus’ Accomplishment – for Forbes, August 2, 2012

Prison May Be the Next Stop on a Gold Currency Journey – by New York Times, October 24, 2012

Bernard von NotHaus: The “Domestic Terrorist” You Can Call a Hero – by Jeffrey Tucker, Sept. 10, 2013

Steve Forbes: ‘Great Countries Don’t Have Weak Currencies’ – October 25, 2014

Bernard von NotHaus, “Architect” of the Liberty Dollar to be Sentenced – by Coin Week, Nov. 13, 2014

A Monetary Gadfly in an Age of Fiat Money – in the Wall Street Journal, December 1, 2014

Beyond Bernard von NotHaus – by New York Sun, December 3, 2014

Bernard von NotHaus Silver Coin Monetary Philanthropist ,”domestic terrorist”, Sentenced to Home DetentionBy Charleston Voice, December 5, 2014

Protecting Us From A ‘Terrorist’ Who Made Pure Silver Coins  -by Forbes, December 9, 2014


















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